From Plump to Handsome: Nutrisystem Success Story

Noel Mason is a fit and healthy man whom you can easily tag as a handsome stud in his 30’s or, at the most, 35. He enjoys a personality which can be enviable to many men, and in addition, aptly tempting for most women to fall in love with. After all, who wouldn’t love to be around a man with such a well-toned stature, perfect physique and an adorable persona! Would you amaze if you are told that this man Noel is the subject of attraction everywhere? Certainly not, and equally so, he has women staring at him all the time over public places and that is a practice now.

However, here comes the shocking revelation – all was not this easy and fine till some months ago. This man Noel being discussed here is a completely transformed version. He erstwhile was an obese individual weighing as high as 410 lbs. It can be difficult for anyone to agree today but this is true.


Photo: Noel lost 195 pounds on Nutrisystem!

Noel faced a tough time carrying so many pounds with him and went through a nightmarish experience night after night. His weight was against his health and this made things go wrong in all walks of his life – right from social existence to work to everyday movements. Though he desperately wanted to change this situation, and was glad to have a great family to inspire him, he was actually clueless what to go about it.

Then one fine day, Noel learned about Nutrisystem and the benefits he can draw out of this diet’s plan. Noel had tried many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. He tried several diets. But Nutrisystem sounded different and was the only one that made Noel believe he can do it! He started slowly but steadily and soon discovered that Nutrisystem was working favorably, and wow, in a few months, the exercise plan started showing the results he had always wanted. Permanent, safe weight loss!

Noel is a completely changed being today and he gives all the credit to Nutrisystem, a plan that has already transformed millions like him.


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