Full Fitness for the iPad: An App that Replaces a Personal Trainer

One glance at the Full Fitness HD app for the iPad and it is easy to see why this little tool ranks high in the world of iPAD-specific weight loss applications.  Going far beyond an exercise companion, Full Fitness HD is more personal trainer than personal computing.

Full Fitness is an app for people who are looking to focus on strength training and toning more so than cardio-based exercise.  Unlike many health and wellness apps, Full Fitness is also not centered around tracking calories, weight, or food.  While it does have a Food Tracker within the app, it openly recommends using another program if tracking diet is crucial to that particular user.

Full Fitness App

Exercising with the Full Fitness iPad App

Though the app is updated with new exercises and features on a regular basis, it houses more than 300 exercises that can easily be combined into a personal workout combination, depending on what the user hopes to achieve.  Most of the exercise recommendations do require owning additional equipment, such as barbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, or exercise balls.

The exercises are broken down into several categories, such as arms, legs, abs, chest, and other parts of the body.  If a user wants to work on toning the arms, going into that category will not only provide descriptions of the exercises, but photo demonstrations, as well.  Further, some, but not all of the exercises have video demonstrations, providing concise and clear instruction for the more difficult movements.

While the individual exercises are great for users who are comfortable choosing the exercises that routine, those who aren’t yet at the point of customizing a workout can choose one of the routines available in the Full Fitness app.  These programs and routines are segmented with different goals in mind, including:

  • Beginner Program
  • Abdominal Defining Program
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Muscle Building Program
  • Strength Building Program
  • The Complete Body Workout
  • Business Travel Workout
  • Ultimate Arms Workout

Whether the user chooses to do a custom program or work through any of the provided routines, Full Fitness tracks every exercise.  The extensive log can easily be emailed, as well, making it easy to print out the exercise record, or match it up with other weight management or food diary applications.

Other Features in the Full Fitness App

There are so many features built-in to the Full Fitness App that people of all types will find many of the options valuable.  The food and calorie tracker has more than 95,000 items available.  While not the most comprehensive food diary app on the market, it is extensive enough to meet the needs of most.

Some of the features that most reviewers at the iTunes store, where the Full Fitness app is available for $4.99, appreciate most are:

  • Ability to add personalized exercises and photos of exercises
  • Search or organize exercises by equipment available for use
  • Track the exercise of multiple users, not just one
  • Graph workouts to show progress
  • Free unlimited backup on the Full Fitness server to keep all data stored securely
  • Monitors exercise as well as weight, BMI, and measurements for an overall weight management picture.
  • Can be synced with the iPhone, so both devices have the same, up-to-date information

For as many benefits as the Full Fitness app provides, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider.  For example, the addition of music and voice instruction during the video segments would take this app to the next level.  That way, the routines could provide all of the benefits of working out at a gym with a personal trainer, instead of just half that experience.

The other consideration is the extra equipment used in many of the exercises.  While barbells and resistance bands are easy to buy, it’s an extra expense that the user should consider when looking to this app as an overall fitness solution.

Overall, Full Fitness provides anyone who is seeking to increase their muscle tone and strength with one of the most comprehensive fitness experiences available on an electronic device.  While it isn’t a complete substitute for a personal trainer, the videos, photos, and detailed descriptions can help even the most novice workout enthusiast meet their health and weight management goals.

Currently the app is at a 50% discount, for $2.99 from the iTunes store