Meet Jay

My name is Jay Kenneth and I conceived the idea of creating a coupon blog back in 2012. What sparked this idea was a coupon I got for the 32nd International Conference of Distributed Computing Systems. I realized I could make a blog where I could  share with you some of my best online promotion codes and tips which I have realized through experience. But the first post on icdcs-2012 was actually published two years after I conceived the idea. Blame it to being so busy as a mom.  I have been perfecting my frugal approach to running a household for over twenty years. Believe me, there have been some mistakes along the way.

Jay Kenneth_273One of my goals in blogging is to help keep you from making those same mistakes. For instance, when I started out, I tried to take on too much at once. I tried making everything from scratch in the kitchen and cutting our family budget in half. I ended up feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and so were my children. I soon learned that coupons were a great way to save with little hassle.

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day (neither Las Vegas, where we live). I soon found that the better approach was to take it one step at a time. I slowly introduced small changes to our lifestyle. For instance, I might eliminate one unnecessary thing from our grocery list, or buy a cheaper version each week. Before we knew it, we were making big savings.

As well, since I started saving over two decades ago, there have been many new advances to make it much easier. Of course, the Internet has become a very powerful tool, allowing consumers to share tips, like I do on this blog. Today, there is more help than ever to make saving money a fun and positive experience.

I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years and it is, to date, my most challenging job ever. There are so many roles that I have to fulfill to help keep our household running smoothly. I love it and could not do it without the help of my wonderful husband and children.

My kids, Katherine and Chad are now ages 7 and 9 respectively. They are pretty good at saving money themselves thanks to the example from mommy and daddy. They help me with coupons. My daughter even made me a handmade coupon sleeve for Mother’s Day. That is a sign of a true saver!

Before I started working at home, I worked in sports medicine. I still enjoy lots of athletic activities from jogging to canoeing. On a sunny weekend in South Carolina where we live, you can find our family enjoying the outdoors at one of our nearby parks.

I almost forgot to mention two other very important members of our family, Spuddy and Fife. They are our German Sheppard and Jack Russell terrier. They make quite the pair! Everybody in the family takes turns taking them for walks. It is a great low cost activity that keeps both the dogs and us fit. I hope you enjoy my blog and find that it helps you to make the positive changes to your budget to help achieve your dreams. Remember to take things one step at a time and to be patient with yourself. Soon the small, positive changes will add up to one big change, which can have an amazing impact on your household.

Jay Kenneth ( – North Las Vegas

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