My Victory over Weight Loss Hurdles

Jerry has had weight problems since he was a teen. Here is how we overcame them.

For a long time, since my mid-teenage, I’ve struggled with overweight problems. You wouldn’t want to imagine how tough it can be living with a condition that won’t leave; the rejection, the ridicule, life’s limitations, the list is endless. At first I never thought of it as a big problem, save for the moments my playmates would refuse to take me on their football sides. After my 18th birthday, mom would take me to nutritionists, buy me slimming pills, and even had me enrolled in our local gym. No change.

It started hitting me that I had a major problem that I had to find solutions to before it was too late. I was in my mid-twenties, no girlfriend, no close friends, just a lonely obese-looking baby-faced young man. How sad! I got to the internet and started doing extensive research. Indeed, there was quite a good number of websites providing solutions, from pills to diet, but from the reviews I got to understand that I was wasting my time. But wait – one reviewer mentioned their successful experience with Nutrisystem. His name is Colin and he posted a few videos on Youtube with updates on his weight loss journey. His story was quite motivating, and the backing he got from others who had benefited from the system was credible. I had struck gold. If he did it, I could do it.

Nutrisystem did it for me!

Losing approximately 5lbs in the first week was unbelievable, even to me. I got the confidence I had never had before, and I could go on to rekindle the love I had for football. Not only did I start training with my local football team, but I also realized that I no longer scared the girls, and in only a few months I surprised my family with Becky, my girlfriend. Life has been awesome, but I’ve always kept wishing I had known Nutrisystem before.

From grass to grace!

I attribute all I am now to Nutrisystem, thanks for saving my life. I have since become a living testimony of how there is hope for overcoming obesity and overweight issues. For close to a year now, I’ve been receiving numerous strange calls from friends of friends who knew me before as the college “fattie.” Mainly these callers keep asking me to introduce them to whatever drugs or foods I took. Who would have known that the boy who could only be considered for tug-of-war contests would go on to play active district football?

It has been easy to me ever since, and I’m proud to suggest Nutrisystem as a safe and easy weight loss diet to anyone suffering from the nagging overweight condition.