A Protein Produced by the Body’s Immune Cells is Directly Linked to Insulin Resistance

Sometimes the body fails to respond to insulin normally, a condition known as insulin resistance. The result is usually the failure to properly regulate glucose levels in the body. Ultimately, this results in prediabetes or even type 2 diabetes.

Of course, what you eat is crucial when you have diabetes. Those who are overweight and have diabetes can lose weight and manage their diabetes through Nutrisystem D, as shown here. (more…)

My Victory over Weight Loss Hurdles

Jerry has had weight problems since he was a teen. Here is how we overcame them.

For a long time, since my mid-teenage, I’ve struggled with overweight problems. You wouldn’t want to imagine how tough it can be living with a condition that won’t leave; the rejection, the ridicule, life’s limitations, the list is endless. At first I never thought of it as a big problem, save for the moments my playmates would refuse to take me on their football sides. After my 18th birthday, mom would take me to nutritionists, buy me slimming pills, and even had me enrolled in our local gym. No change. (more…)

From Plump to Handsome: Nutrisystem Success Story

Noel Mason is a fit and healthy man whom you can easily tag as a handsome stud in his 30’s or, at the most, 35. He enjoys a personality which can be enviable to many men, and in addition, aptly tempting for most women to fall in love with. After all, who wouldn’t love to be around a man with such a well-toned stature, perfect physique and an adorable persona! Would you amaze if you are told that this man Noel is the subject of attraction everywhere? Certainly not, and equally so, he has women staring at him all the time over public places and that is a practice now. (more…)

The Growth Of Vitacost And The Role Of The Discount Coupons

vitacost logoThe Company

Vitacost started as an e-commerce company in 1994. Their flagship products at this time were the third party vitamins and supplements; it was merely a vendor and not a supplement manufacturer. At that time, it was known as Natures Wealth Company before it changed its name.

Five years later, the company changed its name to Vitacost (VITC – Nasdaq). Still they were under the health and nutrition niche, they increased their stock to sports nutrition and organic health and grocery products, cosmetics, pet products, which they sold alongside the vitamins and food supplements.

The company has grown over the years and it provides a wide array of nutritional products that target every consumer that feels the need to improve their health, stamina, cognitive functions and immune system. It does not matter what the consumer needs to take to reach that stature recommended by the doctor, Vitacost have it all under one roof. (more…)

Full Fitness for the iPad: An App that Replaces a Personal Trainer

One glance at the Full Fitness HD app for the iPad and it is easy to see why this little tool ranks high in the world of iPAD-specific weight loss applications.  Going far beyond an exercise companion, Full Fitness HD is more personal trainer than personal computing.

Full Fitness is an app for people who are looking to focus on strength training and toning more so than cardio-based exercise.  Unlike many health and wellness apps, Full Fitness is also not centered around tracking calories, weight, or food.  While it does have a Food Tracker within the app, it openly recommends using another program if tracking diet is crucial to that particular user.

Full Fitness App (more…)

The Health Benefits of Caffeine

benefits of coffeeHumans drink 400 billion cups of coffee a year! That’s a lot of coffee.

Caffeine is a necessity for many people all over the world. It’s found in coffee, soda, chocolate, energy drinks and even clothing. Many people choose to drink caffeinated drinks to get an energy boost in the morning or throughout the day. Caffeine has a chemical structure that is similar to adenosine – a chemical in the process of creating energy in our bodies. This is why caffeine gives a boost of energy to those who consume it. Caffeine, in moderation, is not unhealthy. In fact, there are many health benefits to caffeine that many people do not realize.


Coffee has numerous benefits. Many caffeinated drinks such as coffee contain antioxidants. In addition, caffeine has fat burning qualities and can even boost your metabolism. This is good for weight loss. Caffeine can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and even promote muscle growth.

The qualities in caffeine make it an excellent tool to be utilized for weight loss and fitness. Drinking caffeine before a workout can increase alertness and energy levels- promoting a better workout. Caffeine can help with concentration as well. Because of its metabolism boosting qualities, consuming caffeine can help while dieting. In fact, you will find caffeine in many “fat burning” pills around the world. (more…)