The Growth Of Vitacost And The Role Of The Discount Coupons

vitacost logoThe Company

Vitacost started as an e-commerce company in 1994. Their flagship products at this time were the third party vitamins and supplements; it was merely a vendor and not a supplement manufacturer. At that time, it was known as Natures Wealth Company before it changed its name.

Five years later, the company changed its name to Vitacost (VITC – Nasdaq). Still they were under the health and nutrition niche, they increased their stock to sports nutrition and organic health and grocery products, cosmetics, pet products, which they sold alongside the vitamins and food supplements.

The company has grown over the years and it provides a wide array of nutritional products that target every consumer that feels the need to improve their health, stamina, cognitive functions and immune system. It does not matter what the consumer needs to take to reach that stature recommended by the doctor, Vitacost have it all under one roof.

Vitacost Promotional Codes As A Marketing Tool

One of the greatest marketing tools that helped vitacost surpass competition is seasonal offers and discount codes. The best thing about it is that all their products are subject to discount. This gives a great competitive advantage against other similar vendors. Owing to their great customer base that they command, it is not a surprise to hear of a Vitacost promo code of close to 15% off on baby products, 15% off on food and beverages, 33% off on dog treats. To sum it up on the coupons, they offer free shipping for items worth over 49$ within 1-4 days. How good can a deal be? If you are not doing business with Vitacost when it comes to nutrition and health, I wonder where your loyalty lies. Vitacost is a healthy online retail play.

The Products

Vitacost’s catalogues consist of dietary and supplementary vitamins, sport and fitness supplements that enhance performance. They include muscle builders, mass gainers and fat burners, all of these under their sports and nutrition banner. Besides that, they have also stuck a toe in the food and beverage market, where they manufacture their own Gluten free foods, coffee, organic foods baking foods and diet products.

Beauty and personal care products are also under Anti-aging products, a wide variety of hair care products, nails and face products are also available. Besides that, they also produce perfumes and fragrances for men and women. Cosmetic products will also steal the show when you plan shopping on beauty products from Vitacost.

Babies and kids are not excluded in the products that Vitacost produces. They produce kids’ supplements and vitamins, baby food, baby feeding and nursing, diapering among others. They also produce complementary merchandise for the babies to make them look good like toys and books.

With the re-branding and the turnover in the company’s management, the company now focuses on not only human beings, but also animals, pet health to be precise. The company also produces dog, bird, cat and fish food. They also do pet grooming and provide these pets with supplements too.

It is no doubt that this is the most popular online vendor – more like a portal – when it comes to nutrition, health and beauty. There are testimonials where customers report blatantly that without Vitacost products like weight loss products and cosmetics, they would have been putting their marriage on the line and risking divorce because or excess weight gain and facial skin damage. Well thanks to Vitacost facial products, they were able to regain their confidence and sustain their marriage.

Another customer confessed that Vitacost baby care products have done miracles to his two-year-old son who was experiencing stunted growth at 9 months. With the help of Vitacost vitamins and supplements, the baby is now healthy and ever smiling.

How Can You Benefit From Coupons

If you haven’t ordered from since now, I suggest you subscribed to the weekly newsletter, where you will be receiving promotions, free shipping coupons, as well as news and tips about health and nutrition. If you really want to save a few bucks take some time to subscribe. Further more, for products which are not currently on offer, you can search for a promo in one of the many coupon websites and type it at the coupon box at the checkout page. They usually cut 15% off the total cost of your cart.